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Shintech TexasAs the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the world, Shintech is a global presence in the PVC sales market, as well as the supplier of 35% of the domestic demand of the United States market.  Being backward integrated into chlorine and ethylene gives Shintech significant control over the PVC raw material chain.  Shintech also sells caustic soda which is  a co-product of the chlor-alkali process.  Shintech packages all of the produced PVC  in-house, from 25 kg bags to super sacks, hopper trucks, rail cars and overseas containers.  Through its parent company, Shin-Etsu, Shintech can offer a variety of commodity resins and resin additives for the PVC market.

The product  chain of custody is closely monitored until the material is delivered to the customer.  Each of the Shintech PVC production expansions have been greenfield projects, which have implemented the latest manufacturing and environmental controls.  Shintech takes pride in consistent product quality, on time delivery, and environmental stewardship.

Shintech originally commenced PVC production at the Freeport,Texas in 1974. It then purchased a substantial amount of property in Addis and Plaquemine, Louisiana.  Shintech now operates world-class production facilities in all 3 of these communities.


Shintech PVC


Owning over 7,000 acres in Louisiana and Texas, Shintech has received strong support from both state and local governments, and has established long-standing favorable relationships with the communities where it operates.  Land not used for production is reserved for pasture land, green space, or left in its natural state.

Hand In Hand With Customers and the Community. 



Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 

Guidelines for our United States CSR

  • Employee and contractor health and safety
  • Energy-saving, resource-saving and the reduction of environmental impact
  • Product quality improvements and product safety control
  • Promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources
  • Respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity
  • Contribution to industry and social initiatives
  • Respect for and protection of intellectual property
  • Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders

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