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Our small corporate headquarters is the central hub for Sales and Marketing Management and Export Management.  When Shintech became a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Etsu, Late Chairman Kanagawa took full authority for the management of the subsidiary.  It is his philosophy that began with a lean team, then to hire and buy local.  He also empowered every worker to take responsibility for their work area.  The local managers understand the culture of their community and their state.  


Mr. Saitoh became president of Shin-Etsu in 2016.

                               Late Chairman Kanagawa                                                            President Saitoh



Housed at Shintech’s Corporate Headquarters in Houston Texas are the following departments.  

  • Customer Service for Domestic and Export
    • Dedicated team with over 25 years’ experience.  Knows the customers and how to handle all the unusual and difficult situations that our customers face.
    • Shintech strives to keep PVC customers running no matter the cause of a shortage of material. 
    • Shintech’s three manufacturing locations, in Texas and Louisiana, enable Shintech to maintain a portion of its production functions even during a natural disaster. 
  • Export Sales Management
    • Global operation – Production in USA/Europe/Japan and the global sales coverage provide excellent products worldwide.
    • Investment – We are one of the very few PVC producers that keeps investing and growing, we believe in future of PVC.  All of our plants are greenfield that we have built with our proprietary technology.
  • Caustic Sales Management
    • Our caustic soda is high purity membrane grade being shipped by vessel, barge, railcar and trucks.
    • Our chlorine production goes 100% to internal PVC production. It assures very stable production of caustic soda.
  • Research and Development
    • R&D - One of only a very few producers who have R&D functions in PVC. This is done in Kashima Japan with local input from the manufacturing sites.

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