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Shintech's Freeport Location

Freeport location

Freeport, Texas was the location of the inaugural Shintech PVC plant that began production in 1974.  Freeport became a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Etsu in 1976. This site currently consists of three (3) independently operating PVC plants.  Notably, Shintech Freeport is recognized as  the world’s largest PVC resin manufacturing facility for many years.

Freeport Staff Photo

Freeport serves as the primary seat of the Technical Service Group, as well as the home of the Quality Assurance Group.  The Freeport PVC production facility is ISO 9001-2015 certified for Quality Management.  Each Shintech production site is staffed with Quality related personnel, who are directly responsible to the Freeport Quality Group.  Shintech Freeport is ISO 140001 certified for Environmental Management. Additionally, Freeport maintains Kosher certification, as documented by a Letter of Kosher Certification.  This letter confirms products comply with the terms set forth within the Orthodox Union and may bear the OU trademark.

The Texas facility can produce any Shintech PVC resin grade and this site is where new resin pilot production runs are completed.

Freeport Warehouse

Freeport is also home to a fully operating packaging facility, used to fill supersacks and 25 Kg bags. Every container mode is photographed before being shipped, for quality and tracking purposes.  Each railcar compartment is sampled for quality and secured with a uniquely numbered seal. Shintech takes great pride in the quality consistency of its resin and the efficiency of how it is produced. Shintech  strives for 100% on time and complete shipments to domestic and international customers.

Special thanks to the Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County for allowing Shintech to share their Quality of Life video.  Shintech and Brazoria County both add to quality of life.


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