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Shintech Inc. Actively Participates with Civic, Charitable and Community Organizations

Shintech Inc. Contribution to Community Activities

Rib Cook-Off TrophyShintech has been actively involved in organizations, sponsorships, leadership development, and civic activities that further the success of the communities in which its employees live and work.  With the help of Shintech's customers, piping is provided for clean drinking water internationally, as well as within the United States. Shintech employees have participated in Habitat for Humanity builds. Several Shintech employees and contractors participated in "Safety Town." Safety Town is a program designed for kindergartners, to educate them in the correct way to safely cross streets, ride bikes, handle emergencies (such as home fires) and other safety-related issues, including Shelter-In-Place.

Employees and contract employees of Shintech Louisiana, LLC, SE Tylose LA, LLC collect toys during the Christmas holidays to the Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge. The toys go directly to Children’s Hospital playroom, which is a special place for children to relax, socialize and enjoy an array of fun and educational activities. With Shintech and SE Tylose's help, the playroom is now stocked with enough games, toys, and electronic equipment for all of the children to enjoy.

Community involvement benefits the well-being of Shintech employees, their families and the individual communities. This involvement is important to the long-term success of Shintech as the company continues to grow. Shintech is widely recognized as a good neighbor and is proud to be a part of all the communities in which it operates.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 

Guidelines for Shintech's United States CSR.

  • Employees and contractor health and safety
  • Energy-saving, resource-saving and the reduction of environmental impact
  • Product quality improvements and product safety control
  • Promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources
  • Respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity
  • Contribution to industry and social initiatives
  • Respect for and protection of intellectual property

Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders.

Louisiana Facilities Community Photos


Employee Appreciation Dinner Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital 2018 Toy Drive
            Shintech celebrates at the Employee Appreciation Dinner.                    Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital 2018 Toy Drive                                

Iberville Chamber of Commerce dinner  Iberville Chamber event    
Hank Grace, Bryan Casebonne (currently serving as Chamber President), Governor John Bel Edwards and Danny Cedotal at the
Iberville Chamber of Commerce dinner
(In the photo on the right, Danny Cedotal spoke at the Iberville Chamber event.)




Texas Facilities Community Photos


Heather Wescott and Paul Spinks, Shintech - Freeport, display the United Way Bronze Award.

Special thanks to the Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County for allowing Shintech to share their Quality of Life video.  Brazoria County and Shintech both add to quality of life.



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