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Addis, Louisiana was chosen as the location of the first Shintech PVC plant built in Louisiana.  In 1998, the company entered into a VCM supply agreement and made the decision to build a plant capable of producing 1.3 billion pounds of PVC resin annually. Shintech started operations of the first Addis plant in the year 2000. An expansion to the original production facility was completed in November, 2001, with a final expansion completed in 2016.  After the Addis plant expansions, Shintech became the World’s largest PVC producer.

In addition to making PVC resin, Addis, like Freeport, Texas, has the ability to load hopper trucks and rail cars, as well as packaging supersacks and 25 Kg bags.  The Addis plant is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

As with all Shintech locations, every load is photographed before being shipped for quality purposes.  Each railcar compartment is sampled for quality and secured with a uniquely numbered seal. Shintech takes great pride in the quality consistency of its resin and chain of custody control.

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