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Shintech Plant

Shintech Brief History

1974 – Freeport, Texas - Plant 1 Start Up under 50/50 Joint Venture between Shin-Etsu and Robintech

1976 – Freeport, Texas - Shintech wholly owned by Shin-Etsu Chemical, Co., Ltd.

1981 – Freeport, Texas - Plant 2 Start Up

1986 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Start Up (a wholly owned subsidiary of Shintech producing PVC compound)

1988 – Freeport, Texas - Plant 2 Expansion

1990 – Freeport, Texas - Plant 3 Start Up

1991 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

1992 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

1994 – Freeport, Texas - Plant 3 Expansion

1998 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

2000 – Addis, Louisiana - Plant Start Up

2001 – Addis, Louisiana - Plant Expansion

2004 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

2006 – Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

2008 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-1, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-1 and PVC-1 Plants Start Up

2009 – Addis, Louisiana - Packaging facility Start Up

2010 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-1, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-1 and PVC Expansion

2011 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-2, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-2, PVC-11 Plants Start Up

2016 – Addis, Louisiana - PVC Plant Expansion

2016 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-1, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-1 Expansion

2017 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-2, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-2 Expansion

2019 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Ethylene-1 Plant Start Up 

2019 Freeport, Texas - K-Bin Expansion

2021 – Plaquemine, Louisiana - Chlor-Alkali-3, EDC, Vinyl Chloride Monomer-3, PVC-111 Plants Start Up (Planned)

About Shintech PVC

PVC ResinShintech is the largest PVC producer in the United States and the world.  Upon completion of the Plaquemine expansion in 2021, it will produce 7.14 billion pounds of PVC resin. Shintech manufactures its own monomer and began ethylene production in 2019. Shintech facilities produce resin in Freeport Texas, Addis Louisiana, and Plaquemine Louisiana.   Shintech, which launched PVC production in the state of Texas in 1974, established its business foundation in the country where risk appeared to be relatively low. The company owns a vast amount of property in Texas and Louisiana. Shintech has received strong support and understanding from both state and local governments in Louisiana and Texas, while establishing favorable relationships with local communities.

Shintech will leverage the advantage of favorable raw material economics in the U.S. to steadily meet increasing demand in the U.S. and the rest of the world, with plans to further increase production capacity in a timely manner.

Shintech is committed to operating safe and environmentally responsible facilities. 




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